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REVEALED! ''There is Nothing between Alex Ekubo and I'' –Yemi Alade

It wasn’t really a big deal that Nollywood hunk, Alex Ekubo, featured in Yemi Alade’s Jonny video. But tongues started wagging when the two were seen at several events together. Automatically, it was assumed that Yemi and Alex were an item as they were seen stepping out hand in hand at all events.

However, in a chat with Saturday Beats, the fast rising singer said that there is nothing between her and the actor.
“Alex Ekubo and I just shot a video together and that was it. Even though we attended some events together, it does not mean anything. We are very cool friends, there is nothing between us, she said.
When probed further if they were ever an item, she said, “I don’t have to talk about my private life,
I’m sorry.”

However, she told Saturday Beats that she has five men in France who are interested in her and she would go back to see who is worthy of her attention.

She said, “I found five ‘Johnnys’ in France already and I am going back to pick the right one. I kicked off my Europe tour in Paris and it was on Valentine’s Day and that is how I met them.”

The dark-skinned singer also spoke about her Instagram account that was hacked and the erotic messages sent to her colleague, Phyno, via the hacked account.
“I lost over 90,000 followers which made me a bit unhappy. The erotic messages that were sent to Phyno were not from me. It was the hackers that sent it to him. Right from the moment a picture of Snoop Dogg with marijuana was posted, that was not from me. 
My PR team has been sending messages to instagram but we are yet to get a response. I think it is because we are in Africa; they tend not to attend to our messages on time. But my team in London is working on it even if it means deactivating it. I have a new instagram page now. However, I started my tour on that day and it elevated my mood,” the singer said.

Maheeda Shares Fat Throwback Photos

5 Things That Ruin Marriages !!!

1. Not having enough good sex

A sexless marriage is a common bad habit that too many married couples fall into. But the importance of sex cannot be over emphasized. Sex serves as one of the best ways to develop and maintain intimacy, but when you go without sex for so long you get so used to it that your mind begins to not want it anymore.
Many issues can contribute to a sexless marriage, like pregnancy, stress, fatigue or resentment. But here’s how to save your marriage from this bad habit: have sex! Even if you don’t feel like it, do it. Don’t turn down your partner unless there’s a very good reason. Luckily, once you just do it, you’ll probably actually enjoy yourself.

2. Spending too much time with the in-laws

Another common bad habit married couples fall into is in-law interference with marriage. Many couples will tell you that in-law issues can quickly become a source of frustration and resentment in the marriage. The interference is caused by spending too much time with the in-laws (especially at your own home), providing private information about your marriage or spouse to them, or siding with them over your spouse.
While a spouse can be rightfully close to his or her family, the disloyalty will do nothing to save your marriage. First and foremost, your loyalty lies with your marriage, and just because it’s family doesn’t mean it’s OK to gossip or betray your spouse.

3. Not consulting your partner about purchases

Many married couples will tell you that the issue of money is the most contentious of marital problems. Sometimes it’s the intentional refusal to disclose where money is being spent, and sometimes it’s just a bad habit of not being on the same page with monetary purchases or goals.
The fact remains that marriage is a partnership in every sense of the word, and developing a bad money habit will not only cause anger and resentment, but it can also compromise your financial security. This is one habit not worth picking up.

4. Forgetting the smaller gestures

Even the small ones matter when you’re breaking bad habits. Small gestures include kissing your husband or wife when they walk through the door, asking if there’s anything you can get them while you’re up, or offering to do a chore you know your partner hates doing.
Married couples tend to think that because they’ve been together for so long, these thoughtful gestures can be forgone. But it’s these smaller gestures which keep the intimacy alive and keeps you both feeling emotionally connected.

5. Picking up bad habits from your partner

Here is a bad habit within a bad habit. Maybe you’ve started drinking as much as your husband as an excuse to spend more time together, or maybe your wife started letting herself go, and as a result, you don’t frequent the gym or health food aisle as much anymore. Married couples undoubtedly pick up on each other’s bad habits because of the natural close proximity of the relationship. One partner may also pick up on the other’s bad habits as an excuse or as a way to get back at the other (if you can’t beat them, join them). Develop good habits together and practice them as a team.
It’s easier for you to save your marriage from bad habits by nipping them in the bud as soon they develop. But if your bad habits have been around for years, it’s still worth your while to overcome them for the sake of a happy marriage.

''Nigerian Entertainers are Well Rehearsed Liars'' - Etcetera Blasts Celebs in New Article

 lmao. How do you solve a problem like Etcetera? Read his latest article, guys.

And all liars shall go to hell – Rev 21:8. 
Again, I’m going to go out on a limb here to talk on a subject that may not be very popular or nice to Nigerian celebs, especially the guilty ones. I have said it severally that just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean they are smart. They may have a talent or skill but many of them are not smart especially when it involves their finances. 
The old saying, “your lies will come back to haunt you” has never been more true than the recent cases of D’banj, Iyanya and Wizkid who are being kicked out of their homes after lying they owned the properties. 
The residents of blogosphere boulevard were stunned when the news broke that D’banj
got an eviction notice from his landlord and was also said to be highly indebted. Yes, it is hard to believe that someone of D’banj’s status could actually be thrown out of his house. But for those who know that the Nigerian entertainment industry is built on lies and more lies, it didn’t come as a surprise or a case of a cranky landlord. 
Entertainers are well rehearsed liars. They are not what they make you believe they are. Even the upcoming artist with just one song on radio issues a press release that they’ve bought a mansion in Lekki Phase One and a Range Sport SUV? 
There was a time when it was strongly whispered that Don Jazzy and his crew owned Club Jonzing until the truth came out. You must have also heard that D’banj owns Koko Lounge. My brothers and sisters in habit of believing everything you hear, I wish you all knew how your favourite celebs laugh in their closet seeing you swallow the lies like fufu and draw soup. 
Let me give an example of how some artistes can be terrible liars, we were on a tour of five Nigerian cities with Basketmouth and his then Humour Unlimited monthly show sponsored by BAT. When we got to Enugu, a certain artiste was snoring like a broken trailer exhaust pipe in the bus on our way from the event centre to the hotel. I tapped him hoping to stir him up to reduce his noise but I was shocked when he woke up immediately swearing that he wasn’t snoring, that he was only trying to get our reaction. 
Our reaction? After snoring for about 20 minutes with a trail of saliva from one corner of his mouth to his shirt collar! O’boy some people can lie in Africa. 
Did you hear it on breaking news when Iyanya bought a house in his dreams? His management must have thought it was a fantastic promo strategy then. If only they knew that not far into the future, Iyanya would be dragged by his balls across the floor of the internet, and that his aggrieved brother would take to twitter to inform everyone that Iyanya had been evicted (not from Project shame) from his dream mansion. 
Yes, it is double wahala for deadi-bodi and the owner of deadi-bodi but won’t it be tripple wahala for Oritsefemi and his management when fans eventually discovered that the N200m mansion he purportedly bought some months back was actually bought in his dreams and not in the real world? How much does he charge per gig and how long has he been playing these gigs to be able to afford a mansion of that amount? Isn’t it wonderful how naija entertainers think their fans and everyone else is shallow and gullible? 
Common sense should tell every artiste that these lies won’t achieve anything but hurt their careers in the long run when the truth is eventually revealed. Like it was revealed this week that Wizkid’s car hasn’t been paid for. True, some naija musicians make a lot of money, but not the kind of money they want you to believe. 
Does Oritsefemi look the part of a N200m house owner even with all his body cream? The telco brand ambassadors who are being coerced into lying about their endorsement fees can’t make such a preposterous claim not to talk of someone with no endorsement deal. I shivered when I saw in some blogs over the week that Genevieve just bought a house in Ghana for a whopping $4m. This will go down as the grandmother of all lies told so far. 
Genny baybay, you should have asked yourself if there’s any house worth $4m in the whole of Ghana, except you bought the Ghana National Theatre which by the way may not be worth $4m. These lies are getting dumber by the day. 
The worst thing that can happen to any man is believing his own lies. If we had a system where entertainers are taxed for their acquisitions, the ridiculous and unnecessary lies will stop. They will speak the truth and nothing but the truth or so help them God.

SHOCKING STORY!!! Mother Kills Baby After Giving Him Heroin Overdose so She Could Take Cocaine in Peace ...

A mother who is a drug addict gave her baby concentrated heroin to 'knock him out or make him sleep' so she could take crack cocaine 'in peace', a court has heard.

Kelly Emery, 34, was charged with manslaughter after her son Fenton Hogan died of a heroine overdose.

Emery denies giving the two-year-old the heroin substitute to make him sleep and is currently on trial at Nottingham Crown Court but the baby's grandmother Angela Emery, Kelly Emery's mother, told the court her daughter 'cared more about drugs than her children

When she was asked how her daughter funded her habit in the months before Fenton's death, Mrs Emery said: 'Selling herself, basically.

'She would phone [me] regularly for money - she would claim it was for gas, electricity or food.'

Mrs Emery said her daughter had been addicted to drugs since the age of 17.

She said it was clear from her daughter's home and her appearance that she was an addict.

Mrs Emery told the court the house was mess and her daughter was 'not bothered' about housework or ensuring the children had clean clothes.

A post-mortem examination revealed Fenton had ingested methadone at least twice before his death

Emery has pleaded guilty to causing Fenton's death by gross negligence but denies charges of manslaughter and cruelty.

Christopher Hotten QC, prosecuting, alleged Emery deliberately gave the toddler concentrated heroine in order to 'knock him out' so she could take crack cocaine in peace.

The trial continues.

“I cannot Marry Flavour Even If He Proposes” – Chidinma

Hip hop world magazine, recently brought you news about Chidinma stating clearly that she isn’t in a relationship with Flavour..
Well, the Emini Baller crooner in a recent interview with HipTV dished on the subject matter.
When we asked if there is a man in her life, she simply answered,  “yes there is ”
When we further quizzed her to reveal his identity, she refused stating “ I don’t think you have to know that”
Probing her further, we asked, if she will YES if Flavour proposed to her, she answered no, with a straight face.
So now that Flavour isn’t the man, who then is the lucky man?

Is Wizkid really a fake ass nigga? He Finally Broke His Promise After a Tweet Fight With Skales..

On February 23rd of February 2015, Wizkid and his former label mate, Skales had a go at each other in what could be identified as one of the most reported celebrity Twitter feuds in recent times.
They called out each other, exchanged words and traded insults and Wizkid ended his rant on Monday at about 1:24pm with a tweet that says he won’t be tweeting for the next one month.
Well, Wizkid didn’t keep to his words as he has just tweeted exactly 120 hours later (just 5 days).
He broke his promise when he tweeted about the release of his artiste, ‘L.A.X’s’ latest music video titled ‘Morenike’…

lol.. Okada Rider Rapes Pregnant Corps Member In Ondo, Blames It On “Spirit”

The Ondo state police command have arrested a 20 year old man for allegedly raping a pregnant National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member at Imoru in Ose local government area of the state.
The suspected rapist, identified as Tumi Ayileka who said he is an Okada rider was among 27 suspected criminals paraded by the State Commissioner of Police, Isaac Eke during his monthly press conference held in Akure, the State Capital yesterday.
According to Eke, the rape victim (name withheld) boarded a motorcycle from Ifon to Imoru where she was posted to by the NYSC.
He narrated that the suspected rapist allegedly dragged her into the bush and forcefully had unlawful carnal knowledge of her.
The suspect who confessed to the crime said he raped the corps member unknowingly.
He said it was his first time of committing the crime, adding that he even still drove the victim home after the act had been carried out.
He said, “she approached me around 7.p.m at Ifon that I should take her to Imoru community where she serves and I obliged after agreeing on N500 charges fee. On our away going, I don’t know the spirit that fell on me and I don’t know when I rode her inside the bush and have carnal knowledge of her.
“Immediately after that incident, the spirit went off and I was ashamed of myself. I didn’t know she was pregnant before and I even took her home. Later on, she reported to the Police station and I was arrested. I don’t know the spirit that fell on me because I have never done that before”.
The Police Commissioner assured that the suspect would soon be charged to court as soon as the judiciary workers end their industrial strike.

Nigerians March In Support Of Troops Fighting Against Boko Haram

Hundreds of Nigerians took to the street this morning to show support for troops fighting Boko Haram in the North-east part of the country.
The march kicked off at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Onikan, Lagos around 10am.
The Nigerian Army have recorded a string of successes in its onslaught against the deadly militant group who have terrorized citizens in the North-eastern part of the country since 2009.
President Goodluck Jonathan, who recently visited the troops in Yobe and Adamawa has promised that the military will record significant successes within the six-week time frame leading to the 2015 general elections.
A host of Cameroonians also marched to show support for their troops.

Amber Rose shades Wiz Khalifa on his fake online drama

Amber Rose took to twitter yesterday to shade her ex, Wiz Khalifa after he released photos from the birthday party he finally had for his son. He'd initially planned a party for the boy but told fans Sebastian was missing at the party. People naturally assumed Amber refused to let Wiz have the boy.

Now Amber says she's going to be keeping her son's pictures off social media because she doesn't want him involved in messy fake stories. Can she stop the boy's father from posting his pics online?

Lol. See what peeps did with another Don Jazzy's photo

These people Don Jazzy is just 32 or so, what's the rush to marry? You people should leave him alone

Buhari must not contest as the President: Farmer Drags Buhari To Court

The plaintiff, through his lawyer Mr. U.O. Ukairo,‎ prayed the court to invoke its original powers and compel ‎Buhari to not only withdraw from the presidential race, but to equally stop parading himself as a bonafide candidate for the poll.
He contended that the 1st defendant (Buhari), is not legally fit to vie for presidency in view of the pendency of a perjury charge against him.
The plaintiff maintained that Buhari violated the provision of section 31 of the Electoral Act by lying on oath about his educational qualifications.
He told the court that a personal investigation he conducted revealed that Buhari lacks the basic educational qualifications, adding that the information the 1st defendant supplied to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, in his Form CF001, were false.

Aside Buhari and the APC, INEC was also joined as a defendant in the suit marked FHC/UM/C9/13/15.
Meantime, Justice Ademola Adeniyi has ordered the service of the court processes on Buhari at his official residence at 4A and B Sultan Lane, Off Sultan Road in Kaduna.

The Judge said the defendant could as well serve the Originating Summons on the 1st defendant via substituted means, to wit; publishing same in any national daily.
The case was subsequently adjourned to March 26 for hearing.
Specifically, the plaintiff is among other things, praying the court to make ‎a “declaration that the information contained in Form CF001 the 1st defendant supplied on oath to the 3rd defendant in accordance with section 31 of the Electoral Act, are false.
“An order that upon ‎determining the falsity of the above depositions that the 1st defendant is thereby disqualified from contesting the Presidential election holding on March 28, 2015, on the platform of the 2nd defendant.
“An ord‎er directing the 3rd defendant (INEC) to remove the name of the 1st defendant as a candidate in the Presidential election holding on March 28, 2015.
As well as, “An order directing that any votes accredited to the 1st defendant at the election shall be null and void, he being disqualified ab-initio as a candidate in the election.

In a 14 paragraphed statement of claim, the plaintiff, told the court that he is a citizen from Amaekpu-Ohafia in Abia State and is a farmer/politician.
He said he was formerly ‎elected as a Councilor ‎that represented Isiama ward in Okasia Local Government Area of Abia State and a registered voter who is entitled to vote in the forthcoming general elections.
He averred that, “The first defendant in order to be eligible to contest the presidential election submitted to the 3rd defendant an affidavit which is by the nomenclature of the 3rd defendant, known as Form CF001.
“Th‎e said Form CF001 contains, on oath, the personal particulars of the 1st defendant.
“The 3rd defendant in accordance with electoral procedure published the said particulars of the 1st defendant in Umuahia, Abia State, being one of the constituencies of the 1st defendant.
“The plaintiff inspected the said Form CF001 and has reasonable grounds to believe that the following information are false:
“‎(1) All my academic qualification document as filled in my presidential form, ApC/001/2015, are currently with the Secretary military board as at the time of this affidavit. (2) WASC-1961‎.
“The particulars and or facts upon which the plaintiff founded the reasonable grounds are: 1) The Nigerian Army like other organisations do not keep certificates of serving or retired Soldiers, but copies only, a fact known to the 1st defendant as a past military Head of State of Nigeria.
“(2) Accordingly ‎the “academic qualifications documents or some or one of them do not exist.
“(3) the defendant knowing that he does not have “WASC-61″ academic qualifications resorted to lying on oath, failed to attach any certificate.
“(4) There is a presumption against unnatural events to the effect that where a person claims that his certificates are with the office that ‎regulated his previous services, it is probable that no such certificate is in existence.
“(5) There is no office known under any law at all as “The Secretary Military Board”, a fact known or ought to be known by the 1st defendant, a retired General of the Nigerian Army.

”(6) Arising from above, the plaintiff has no place at which he could verify the deposition of the 1st defendant.
“The plaintiff is “a person” under section 31(5) of the Electoral Act and accordingly has the requisite locus standi to file this suit.
“The plaintiff upon inspecting the said Form CF001 applied to the 3rd defendant for a copy of it at its office at Umuahia but the 3rd defendant refused to give any copy to the plaintiff but directed the plaintiff to submit the application to its Abuja office.
“The plaintiff in obedience to the directive of the 3rd defendant at its Umuahia office submitted another application at the Abuja office of the 3rd defendant. (a copy of the lett‎er is hereby pleaded and will be relied upon at the trial) .
“Regrettably, the 3rd defendant has continued to refuse to give a copy of the said Form CF001 to the plaintiff for which reason the plaintiff went to the notice board of the 3rd defendant and took photographs of the Form CF001 with a digital Samsung Tablet which the plaintiff will be
relied upon at the trial.
“The plaintiff has demanded that the 1st defendant withdraws from the presidential election but he continues to parade himself as a candidate”
Source: Vanguard

SHOCKING! Shameless Dad test daughter's virginity

A man simply identified as Mr. Alex has done the unthinkable in a bit to test his daughter's virginity!

He was arrested for attempting to rape his 15 year old daughter in his apartment at Abiodun street, Ajegunle, Ajeromi, Ifelodun local government area of Lagos.

He claims he carried out that act to test her virginity.

Leadership newspaper reports that Alex was apprehended by his neighbours and handed over to the police at Ajegunle police station but was later released on bail last weekend.

A police inspector attached to Ajegunle police station disclosed that it was neighbours that dragged the suspect to the station.

He said: “His wife was not at home when he wanted to perpetrate the act but the man denied doing that.

“You know that nobody will agree that he wanted to rape his daughter. Police acted on the information given to us and even took the minor to the general hospital for medical examination.”

According to the source, Alex claimed that he only wanted to check whether his daughter had been breached.

“He wanted to know whether his daughter is still a virgin or not. So he decided to insert his fingers, to know her situation, according to him,” he said.

This is really cool.. Mavin Artists in new photos

lol.. A job application letter from Ibadan...

1.8 million PVCs not collected in Lagos – INEC

According to the Resident Electoral Commissioner for Lagos state, Mr. Akin Orebiyi, 1.8 million Lagos state residents have not collected their Permanent Voters card. Mr Orebiyi said this while on a visit to the Lagos state governor at the Lagos house Ikeja, yesterday Friday February 27th.

"As at yesterday (Thurs­day), the total number of cards collected in Lagos to date is 3.693 million of 5.5 million cards that we collected so far from Abuja. At the moment, we are still expecting another 430,000 cards which should arrive by next week. But meanwhile, we still have in our custody 1.8 million cards yet to been collected by residents" he said

Photos: Thousands march in Cameroon to show support for troops fighting Boko Haram

Thousands of people took to the streets of Cameroon to march in support of troops fighting terror, extremist group, Boko-Haram. How noble of them. I think they're planning one in Nigeria. lol

Happy Birthday To Korede Bello – Drop Your Birthday Wishes For Him

Happy Birthday to Korede Bello today 28/2/2015. May God in his Infinite Mercy grant all your Heart desire and put his Mighty hand on your Career as you have stepped into the Music Industry, Amen.
This Birthday Wish is from all of us at Naijaloaded.
Korede posted the Picture above on his Instagram page with the Caption below:-
Drop your Birthday wishes for him below….. God bless all of Us :)

Comedian Elenu shares adorable pics of his son as he clocks one

The comedian shared this adorable photos of his son Jayden, as he turns a year older today Feb. 28th. Happy birthday to Jayden. He's so cute!

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EXPOSED!! The Entertainment Industry Is Fake And Full Of Lies – Jaywon

Music act Jaywon, while speaking recently to hip hop world magazine, said the Nigerian entertainment industry is full of fake people.  He asked the question of how people can come to terms with an artist posting a photo of a 2015 car online and when he is seen in reality, he drives a 2009. He said some other few things too, Read more below
The truth of the matter is the industry is fake; everyone trying to say the next guy is fake. But we do stuffs in the industry that is extravagantly unnecessary. I have had instances when someone calls me up for a collabo, and I’m not available or booked for something else, then i apologise and turn it down, the next thing you would hear is, “Jaywon is fake, he cannot even support his fellow colleagues”. You see someone buy a car, post a picture of the 2015 model, when you see him on the street, he’s driving the 2009 model, why??
I have seen a lot of artistes bad mouth other people because they are trying to promote themselves but the truth is its no news anymore and it is wrong. As a person I try to do what is right by my colleagues as well as my family. I would rather provide for my family than go and pop champagne at clubs and am not saying popping bottles is wrong o, it is just how I set my priorities as an individual. See, if you have listened to M.I featuring 2face and Sultan, ”Human Being” that song sums up the industry we are in.

SHOCKING! NYSC Member Commits Suicide As Girlfriend Dumps Him For Another Guy

The body of a 26-year-old National Youth Service Corp, NYSC, member, identified as Ernest, was, Wednesday, recovered from his one room apartment after he reportedly took a poisonous substance.
Reports indicated that the young man, who was in love with a fellow NYSC member, Chioma Okewuru, went berserk when the girl came back from her village over the weekend with a ring from a man she had promised to marry.
Ernest, who is from Edo State and a graduate of the University of Benin, was posted to Cross River State in October, where he met and fell in love with Chioma, and both were serving in Redemption Secondary School, Ofombogha 1 in Obubra Local Government Area of Cross Rivers State.
Mr. Noah Ntuen, Acting Divisional Police Officer for Obubra told Vanguard on phone: “The girl had told the guy that she would not marry him, but that they could be friends. So when she came back from home last weekend and showed him the ring her husband-to-be gave her, the young man became furious.
“On Wednesday, the situation became worse and at about 7pm, he locked himself in the room and took some poisonous substances.”
A source in the school told Vanguard: “They met at the NYSC Orientation Camp at Abrekpe-Ebokpo and as luck would have it, they were both posted to the same school where they had a relationship going.
“He had the hope the whole thing would end in marriage, but Chioma already had another person she wants to marry.”
Ntuen said the body had been deposited in the mortuary of Obubra General Hospital, while Chioma is with the police, where investigations on the circumstances surrounding the tragic death are in progress.

Kid Rock slams Beyonce, says she doesn't have an iconic song

Rocker Kid Rock has a new album out and to create buzz, he decided to come for the biggest female artist in the world. During an interview with Rolling Stone, he said he doesn't understand why Beyonce is 'worshiped' when she doesn't even an evergreen song. He said;
"BeyoncĂ©, to me, doesn’t have a fu*king ‘Purple Rain,’ but she’s the biggest thing on Earth. How can you be that big without at least one ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’? People are like, ‘BeyoncĂ©’s hot. Got a nice fu*king’ I’m like, ‘Cool, I like skinny white chicks with big t*ts.’ Doesn’t really fu*king do much for me.”

LASU refunds N209million school fees to students

The Lagos state government has refunded N209m to students of the Lagos state University following the reversal of school fees by Lagos State University, LASU.

At a ceremony held at the Main auditorium of the Ojo campus of the school yesterday February 26th, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Education, Fatai Olukoga who represented Gov. Fashola, said this was the first phase in the refund exercise. He said the second phase of refund which is about N89 million will take place soon.

12 students were presented with cheques ranging from N150,000 to N200,000 while the remaining money will be paid to the accounts provided by the other students.

The management of the school and the students had witnessed many months of protest following a hike in school fees until Governor Fashola intervened in September 2014 and ordered that the school fees be reversed.

Flavour's ex-girlfriend Beverly Ukegbu releases hot new pics

Photos of captured Boko Haram members

Chadian military captured and killed many Boko Haram members this week in Gambaru, North East Nigeria...and some of them are very young boys..

Sad!!! Lady Ran Mad At Ikeja On Her Way To The office

A twitter user narrated a story of how a working class lady ran mad while she was going to work. According to her students were laughing, adults were taking picture (To share on social media I guess) and traders were protecting their wares. So sad!!!
I have actually seen something like this before, It happened while I was in JSS3. I just got to Lagos from Benin were I was schooling, lo and hold immediately I alighted from the bus at the park a young lady wearing her NYSC uniform ran mad on the spot. May God save us all from this wicked world.

LOL! Photos of the day

lol.. very funny