Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Video -Jibola -Omo Alhaja | @jibolaofficial Dr @mrmoemusa]

Uk based Nigerian artist Jibola after carving his solid name and music image and
never disappointing his fans always ,now  After the success of his latest Ep Title
Vibe To Five with 5 sizzling hit tracks  which went viral and gained numerous
airplay all over the world and also the NO 1 track OMo Alhaja on the EP currently
went on various Tv Station across the nation enjoying trains of TV Rotation on
various Top most voted play list ,now he has officially released and blessed us with
The visual to The No 1 Track from the Ep Titled OMO ALHAJA ,Which was premiered on
World renowned No 1 TV station worldwide MTV BASE and its currently being played non
stop  and on ever Top TV station all over ,the video was shot in London United
Kingdom and was directed by the award winning savvy Director Moe Musa one of the
best names in Video Directing, this scene in this video will captivate your mind
body and soul as Jibola played a very interesting part featuring part talking about
a female boasting of what she has and living a fake life with men  looking to use
men for money this female was played by a very sexy and eye catching female ,enjoy
the rest and watch OMO ALHAJA VIDEO BY JIBOLA 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Celebrity Veteran Uk Mc Tee Ali Involved in a ghastly Car Crash !

Celebrity Veteran Uk Mc Tee Ali Involved in a ghastly Car Crash !

This week veteran UK Mc, A prominent member of Nigerian DJs UK chapter and executive
member of the MCs & Comedians Association UK (MACAUK)
MC Tee Ali's vehicle was totalled after being involved in a gruesome car crash on
July 2017
According to witnesses at the scene two cars collided into each other at a traffic
intersection in south of london MC Tee Ali's car was hit from the drivers side which
made the car flip upside down
While MC Tee Ali only suffered bump and bruises his car was completely destroyed
Looking at images he is lucky to be alive

Gruesome details of the crash involving MC Tee Ali and its aftermath are emerging

Check photos taken at  the scene of the crash below

Monday, 10 July 2017

Video -Chuka Royalty ft Nizzy - Afromental | @chukaroyalty @nizzyofficial

Video -Chuka Royalty  ft Nizzy  - Afromental  | @chukaroyalty @nizzyofficial

welcome to the world of impeccable talented Uk Based Nigeria Artiste
making his presence felt worldwide by his unique outstanding music ,I am
different from the rest differential’* These are the *BOLD *words of
the alternative musician Chuka Royalty off his new self produced summer
smash titled *‘Afromental’* featuring thriving notable UK based Nigerian
act Nizzy. CR has never disappointed with his releases like *Kolo, Hustle,
Jangolova*, just to name a few and this is no different. However,
*Afromental* shows how seasoned he is as an artist as well as a producer.
The Afro infused UK pop house record is a preview of what Chuka has cooking
up and the Afrocentric visuals do not only compliment the song but brings
to light the creativity of CR. *Afromental *will definitely make you ‘go ga
ga’ on the dance floor. This record is more than a song it’s a movie; so
grab your popcorns watch and be entertained by the craftsmanship of Chuka
Royalty. so if you love good vibes to pump you up on the dance floor here it is ….Afromental unleashed by Chuka Royalty himself
enjoy …… watch on the link  below

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Shaving Stick Fall On You! Fans Roast Davido On Instagram After He Exposed His Armpit in This New Photo

There is no doubt at all that Davido is a fans' favourite as far as Nigerian music is concerned. The young man has serenaded the music scene with hit song after hit song and has endeared many to him.
However, fans made it clear to him recently that he is not one above being bashed when the need arises.
The singer had taken to Instagram to share a shirtless photo of himself but immediately garnered insults and advise from fans who saw one or two things wrong with the photo.
While some were unhappy with his tattoos, other advised he gets cleaned up as his armpit hair is way too much.
Below are some of their comments:

Why I Can't Sell My Body Or Go N*ked On TV For Money - Nigerian Actress Speaks Out

Just judging by her looks and determination to take over the screens, one might be tempted to think that pretty light-skinned actress, Chinenye Uyana, would gladly sneak into the ‘other room’ of any movie producer who intends to oblige her with a movie role.
However, according to Potpourri, contrary to these suspicions, the screen diva seems to know her onions as a lady with a strict religious upbringing.
According to Chinenye, nothing in the world would make her trade her body for a movie role. In an exclusive chat with Potpourri, she was quick to condemn the act of sleeping around to secure roles.
“It doesn’t really work that way for me, I don’t believe in the saying that “You have to use what you have to get what you want”, let your job tell the story. I don’t believe I have to sell my body to make money, it’s not possible, instead I’ll sell money to take care of my body”, she quipped.
She went further to claim that even if she is offered a huge amount of money to go nude on set, she would never accept, because it would tarnish her integrity and contradict her principles as a virtuous woman.

“I won’t do it; I will never do it! That’s something I can’t do, no matter how professional I want to be. For God’s sake, I’m an African woman, I can’t go naked on live TV, it’s not possible, I’m sorry, I can’t do that. Others can do it but that’s how they want to live their lives, I can’t; after the money what next, is it porn we are shooting”, she retorted.