Monday, 10 July 2017

Video -Chuka Royalty ft Nizzy - Afromental | @chukaroyalty @nizzyofficial

Video -Chuka Royalty  ft Nizzy  - Afromental  | @chukaroyalty @nizzyofficial

welcome to the world of impeccable talented Uk Based Nigeria Artiste
making his presence felt worldwide by his unique outstanding music ,I am
different from the rest differential’* These are the *BOLD *words of
the alternative musician Chuka Royalty off his new self produced summer
smash titled *‘Afromental’* featuring thriving notable UK based Nigerian
act Nizzy. CR has never disappointed with his releases like *Kolo, Hustle,
Jangolova*, just to name a few and this is no different. However,
*Afromental* shows how seasoned he is as an artist as well as a producer.
The Afro infused UK pop house record is a preview of what Chuka has cooking
up and the Afrocentric visuals do not only compliment the song but brings
to light the creativity of CR. *Afromental *will definitely make you ‘go ga
ga’ on the dance floor. This record is more than a song it’s a movie; so
grab your popcorns watch and be entertained by the craftsmanship of Chuka
Royalty. so if you love good vibes to pump you up on the dance floor here it is ….Afromental unleashed by Chuka Royalty himself
enjoy …… watch on the link  below

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